Thursday, November 26, 2015

Heat Map Technique Comparisons

I've been working on how to publish raster heat map data to ArcGIS Online and end up with some comparison applications.

First, what I have created only demonstrates techniques and the visual variations. Any analysis of the data used only has marginal use and is quite possibly junk.  The maps below represent crash data and without normalization based upon traffic, they may only represent how much traffic there is.

The first series of maps compare the variation of heat maps based upon the ArcGIS Kernel Density search distance.

This second series of maps compares the results of using different classification techniques

This next map shows a comparison of a heat map to the data being aggregated to hexagon polygons.

Lastly, I created an interactive 3D map of the hexagon polygons.  It is much easier to understand volume instead of color intensity.  Use Chrome or Firefox, the data will load locally in your browser before rendering and interactive 3D map.

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