Friday, May 30, 2014

LaGuardia Airport Taxi Origin and Destinations, 2013

I've always been curious what the taxi travel patterns for LaGuardia Airport look like since it is the only practical method of travel to and from for many travelers.   Using the data from my previous post on processing all taxi trips for 2013, I did some analysis of just LGA taxi trips.

I think this side by side map viewer shows the patterns best.  Click on the map to open.

Of course there is significant activity near locations you would expect such as Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal.  The next level of features is dominated by large hotels.  If you zoom to lower Manhattan I added a number of hotel locations to highlight this pattern.

I would have liked to have also done a JFK comparison but most trips are to and from Manhattan and it is flat rate. This leads to the meters being started and stopped during the trip and not when the trip starts and finishes.  There are thousands of locations along the Van Wyck.

Passenger data for JFK and LGA, 2013

Taxi Trip totals for Airports, 2013

Time of Day, Day of Week Heatmap for LGA Drop-offs, 2013

Avg. number of drop-offs per hr

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